Why John Paul Jones is the Number One Contestant on Bachelor in Paradise

John Paul Jones. Bachelor Nation was first introduced to him on Hannah B’s season of The Bachelorette. From the moment he stepped out of the limo and declared his name is John Paul Jones (try saying that three times fast!), fans were intrigued by his movie star good looks and awkward personality. 

At first glance, one might consider him a surfer “bro,” or a jokester. He talks in a duuuuude kind of way that makes it hard to take him seriously. On the outside, John Paul Jones is a funny and eccentric character, and he completely owns it. But as Bachelor Nation has gotten to see more of John Paul Jones in paradise, one thing has become exceedingly clear—there is more to him than meets the eye. 

John Paul Jones is like the perfect YA novel male character. He can be compared to the protagonist’s best guy friend that readers secretly want the main character to end up with. He’s the guy the protagonist should clearly be with, though it’s not initially realized. He’s awkward, but in a charming way. 

On this weeks’ episodes of BIP, Tayshia said, “As fun and silly as John Paul Jones may seem, he’s extremely intelligent and very good to look at.” 

Basically, though it appears the opposite, JPJ has depth. For that reason, he has been a top contender on this season of paradise. So far, he had a brief connection with Onyeka before falling head over heels for Tayshia. 

Tayshia Paul Jones!? Does anyone ship this!? 

JPJ tells Tayshia; “I know I give a vibe that I’m some sort of stoner surfer, but you know what, I’m not just some nervous kid that wets his pants whenever he talks to super beautiful women.” As humorous as that line is, JPJ has been candid about how he appears, but notes the truth is, he’s ready to settle down. 

The pair seem to spend a lot of time joking and laughing together. This week, in a romantic gesture, JPJ pulled Tayshia into the pool and kissed her. However, in the move he proceeded to swallow water and began choking. Smooth JPJ. Very smooth. But in typical JPJ fashion, this awkwardness only makes him more endearing both to Tayshia on screen, and to viewers at home. 

After the event, Tayshia laughingly said, “I don’t really know what just happened to be honest with you…I loved it. That’s all I know.” 

The cuteness of the duo is so totally sincere making it hard for fans not to ship these two! 

Promos reveal that next week John Paul Jones will be the true Bachelor in Paradise and two more ladies will be vying for his heart. Will he stay with Tayshia or follow his heart to someone new? 

What exactly is it about John Paul Jones that makes him a top pick? The truth is, John Paul Jones is unapologetically himself and that’s just super awesome. He’s a little awkward and different, but he owns it because there is nothing wrong with awkward and different. These traits make him who he is—John Paul Jones, just like our own quirks make us who we are, too. We’re all a little weird, and our “weirdness” makes us human.

So, John Paul Jones is literally the best contestant on Bachelor in Paradise because he isn’t afraid to be fully himself, no matter what anyone may think. Isn’t this what we all aspire to do? Don’t we all want to be fully ourselves without hesitation? 

Fans root for him because he’s real and isn’t afraid to share who he is with the world. I think we all can learn a thing or two from him about what it means to be unapologetically ourselves. 

And that concludes this life lesson from Bachelor in Paradise. I’ll end this post in the famous words of John Paul Jones himself…

Shaka Brah

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