Changing the Name

A woman can propose to a man. She doesn’t have to, but she can. A man can also take a woman’s last name. The marriage is still real if he does. Their love is still the same. 

Something I realized the other day is that many women choose to hyphenate their last name when they get married, but men typically don’t. Why is this? Why don’t they both just take each other’s last name? I mean, I guess that may get into a whole contradiction of whose name goes first, but honestly this really doesn’t need to be so complicated. 

There is no reason that the woman has to take the man’s last name or add his last name to her’s while he changes nothing. The woman is not being given to the man—they are joining each other’s lives for the rest of their lives. Marriage is a together thing. Both names should be added to. This is not a one or the other arrangement. This is a sign of love and commitment. 

If both the man and woman are on equal ground in their marriage—what’s wrong with that? Why can’t men and women be equal? A marriage is an addition to family for both the man and the woman. A name should be added to, not dismissed. I believe we’ve progressed enough as a society to recognize this. 

So, change the name or don’t, but my hope is that in this, neither name is forgotten and both are equally important. 

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