The Busy Life

You’re always going to be busy. There will always be something to do. Always something “more important” that takes up your time.

Sometimes you think you thrive off this busyness. That a busy schedule is the equivalent to a full life. Sometimes this is true. Other times you keep yourself busy for the wrong reasons.

To think that maybe one day you could wake up and realize that you were too busy to live. 

What is life if it isn’t being lived to the fullest?

What is it you want to do?

There’s never going to be a right time for anything. We’re here and then we’re gone. We live and then we die. It’s what we do with the time we have that counts. That makes the difference.

So don’t wait. Don’t tell yourself you’ll do it when you have time because that time may never come. There’s no such thing as perfect timing. Not really.

But if there was, I think this would be it. Because you’re always going to be busy and there will always be something else to do.

Why not now?

Whatever it is you don’t have time for, now is your chance to go for it!

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Hi! My name is Rachel. I love to write. Write about life, love, and reflect on how the past builds the future. Mostly, I love to tell stories because I believe there is something about stories that brings the world closer together. You can check out some of my writing reflections here at Rachel Writes.

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