The “Perfect” Body

The media constantly advertises the idea of the “perfect” body. Whether it’s an ad for a weight loss program, models in a commercial, or celebrities posing on the cover of magazines surrounded by “diet driven” headlines; the media tells people how they should look, and why they should look it.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good. Whatever that means to you. The problem is, is there is no such thing as a perfect body, but the media advertises perfection as if it is attainable.

Although the media is getting better at portraying the idea that all body types are beautiful, the issue is, underneath all the layers of body acceptance, there is still that same ridiculous idea that people should look better than they do, and must work harder, spend more money, and eat less of “this” and more of “that” if they want to attain the “perfect” body.

There is no such thing as perfect.

Everyone has things they wish they could change about their body. Society has defined what beauty means, and if a person doesn’t fit that mold, they are told to feel less then. The truth is…

we’re all just human.

With the distortion of body image comes risks that people will idolize those that appear to have the “perfect” body shape. Moreover, some may obsess over everything they eat, excessively workout, and constantly fantasize over achieving a body that is just not achievable. When you treat your body right you’ll become stronger and more defined as a result. The goal should never be about having the ideal body. It’s about finding strength in being healthy.

There is no such thing as the perfect body.

So, let’s start a revolution this new year. In the midst of the diets that are beginning to fail and the goals of losing “this much” weight by “this time” are beginning to look slim, remember this: There is no such thing as perfect.

So let’s embrace the imperfections for what they are. Not a sign of being unworthy, but simply a part of what it is to be human.

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