Midnight Thoughts

Photo by samer daboul from Pexels

It would seem in the age of unlimited information, Googling is like second-nature.

Don’t know something? Google it.

Need directions? Google it.

Can’t sleep? Time to Google.

Oh, what would we do without our favorite search engine? Where would we be?

Probably lost on some backroad unable to navigate ourselves home.

The urge to Google everything is not uncommon. Late night scrolling through social media, googling random thoughts before bed, questioning the meaning of life as if the internet is like a god.

As if Google could answer our prayers.

We search for answers through a screen. Divulging our secrets to a search engine.

From obsessively researching any minor symptom to reassure it is indeed, not cancerous.

To asking Google how to get their crush to like them, or how to get over a broken heart.

Searching the meaning of life.

To googling popular movies, songs, and celebrities.

Google has information on anything and everything.

But, the question is: how useful is all of this, really?

We have a constant stream of information at our fingertips.

We can ask our phone a question, and it has an answer.

We have a mobile map to anywhere we want to go.

Apps to connect with people anywhere, anytime, right in our pockets.

During the late night hours so many people find themselves doing the same thing.

Googling their midnight thoughts.

The truth is, while Google is a great resource, it doesn’t have the answer to everything.

Google can’t tell you who you are. Google can’t help you become the person you’re meant to be. Google can’t give you hope alone. Google can’t connect you with God.

It can provide you with resources and information on these things. Like ads for self-help books, inspirational articles, and even links to daily devotionals.

But in order to dive deep into “the meaning of life,” we have to look within. Not a deep dive into the rabbit hole googling can be, but look within ourselves.

All the answers we need in life, we’ve had all along. We just have to know how to search for them. The keywords.

My favorite keyword? God.


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Hi! My name is Rachel. I love to write. Write about life, love, and reflect on how the past builds the future. Mostly, I love to tell stories because I believe there is something about stories that brings the world closer together. You can check out some of my writing reflections here at Rachel Writes.

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