Do You Need a Career?

These days, having a “career” means something different than having a job. There is a difference between working a job and having a career.

A career is the vocation you plan to do long-term. The industry you work in. A career takes into account your long term job goals.

A job is just that: a job. It’s how you make a living, and nothing more.

Maybe your job is also your career, but it’s okay if it isn’t. We need to work in order to live, but we don’t need to live to work. You know what I mean?

Why do some people live to work?

As if the meaning of life is tied to the job we do for eight or more hours a day.

I’m not talking about whether or not you need to work. The reality is, if you want to afford to live, then working is necessary. But, working is not the same thing as having a career. Do you need a career? Is having a “career” even feasible in the world of today?

It’s not uncommon to “job hop” and hold various positions in different companies over time. The way I see it, you don’t necessarily need a career. Working your way to promotions in a company is not necessarily the norm in todays work culture, although in some industries this is still possible.

Working culture is just one part of life. There is still so much more to living. That’s not to say work isn’t important. Of course it is. I’m only emphasizing that the way we make a living is not everything.

Work-life balance is important. Being able to step back and reflect on what really matters in life is something I think everyone should be doing. What work-life balance looks like for one person may look different to another.

Whether we work to make a living, or work to make a living and further our profession, is a personal choice.

What does your career look like to you? How does it tie into the work you currently do? Is having a job and career the same to you, or is there a difference? What brings fulfillment and purpose to your life isn’t necessarily work, but it can be.

In my opinion, we don’t need a career, but we do need a job. But we may want a career. Not just a job. And both are equally important. As long as we remember that there is so much more to life than how we make a living.


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Hi! My name is Rachel. I love to write. Write about life, love, and reflect on how the past builds the future. Mostly, I love to tell stories because I believe there is something about stories that brings the world closer together. You can check out some of my writing reflections here at Rachel Writes.

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