The Power of Prayer

It’s cliche, but true. There is power in prayer.

When I pray it’s like putting my faith into action. I don’t know that God can hear me. But I have faith that He’s real. That He’s listening and cares.

Praying gives me peace. Gives me hope. Makes me feel like no matter what, somehow, everything will be okay because even if God doesn’t answer my prayer, I know He is still on my side.

I think of prayer as a conversation with God. It doesn’t have to be fancy and filled with all the “right” words. My prayers come from my heart.

It’s like being able to talk to God and trust in His power. In His wisdom. If, How, and When He will answer my prayer isn’t always the point. Maybe it’s about trusting that God hears our prayers. Even when we can’t necessarily prove it.

His miracles, the answered prayers, even sometimes the unanswered…the feeling that He hears us when we pray, shows His power. But even when we don’t get that confirmation there is still power in prayer.

Because I think an important part of the power in prayer is having the faith to pray at all.

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