20 Things People Say on Road Trips

Anyone else craving adventure on the open road? Until the day comes when we can safely resume our scheduled travel, here is a fun reminder of days past: 20 things you may have heard someone say on a road trip.

1) Are we there yet?

2) I think we’re lost.

3) I’m hungry!

4) Nothing says ‘road trip’ more than gas station food.

5) The GPS is confused. I know exactly where we are.

6) I need to go to the bathroom!

7) Can we change the music?

8) Whose idea was this again?

9) Stop fighting, kids!

10) Let’s play a game: I spy with my little eye…

11) Slug bug! 

12) Mom! She’s hitting me!

13) Don’t hit your brother!

14) It’s my turn to drive.

15) Shut-up!

16) We’re definitely not lost.

17) I love road trips!

18) I hate road trips.

19) You missed the exit.

20) Where are we?

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  1. ahah it kind of reminded me when I was kid and used to travel with my parents 🙂 ‘are we there now?’, so typical right Rachel? lol have a great weekend and greetings from Lisbon, PedroL


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