Prayer Without Action

What is prayer without action? Just prayer.

Don’t we need to take action to get where God wants us to be?

It’s not like he can magically lift us up and move us from POINT A to POINT B. He can show us where POINT B is, but don’t we have to step out in faith if we’re going to get there?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, while I pray and take steps of faith to keep moving forward to reach goals, sometimes it kind of feels like I’m waiting on a miracle. And don’t get me wrong, I see how far I’ve come and know God brought me here, but I get discouraged at times because I realize how far I still have to go.

I can pray all I want, but if I don’t actually move in that direction, let’s be real: am I even prepared for my prayer to be answered?

I think about the chances and choices I’ve made in my life and know I’m at least moving in the right direction. Like when I talked about dating apps a few posts ago. I’ve realized maybe there’s a reason I’m not a fan of dating apps, or not liking dating apps is the reason I don’t meet people on them. You know what I mean? I pray to God to help me maybe find someone, but at the same time maybe it’s not that God isn’t answering my prayer, but that He’s waiting for me to be ready for His answer.

Or maybe I actually have no idea what I’m talking about and just write on and and on searching for meaning. Reality is, it’s probably a bit of both.

So I guess I don’t know because I really don’t know, but hey, I think that’s a part of the adventure of life. I’ve made a lot of goals for myself this year. I know what a year to make life goals, right!? I think I’ll address those resolutions closer to January and reflect on my progress, but as of now, I see how much I’ve grown over this last year.

For me, this year has been one of tremendous self-growth, about pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and trusting in God more.

I mean, I tried dating apps for starters, decided I’ll go ahead and keep trying, which takes every ounce of my strength and patience to do, but I am. I mean, I still roll my eyes and ask myself why I bother, but maybe some new apps will change my perspective. If anything, a year ago I couldn’t even fathom the idea of trying dating apps. As silly as it sounds, to me it was a bigger deal to actually try and put myself out there because I’m really great at avoiding social situations and anything with romantic potential. It’s kind of a skill I’ve crafted over the years. And I took steps this year to try and overcome that habit. I’m proud of myself.

I also look back on this past year and think about how I traveled to India! I know I’ve written a lot about that trip on this blog so I won’t over describe again, but I’ll just say I remember how I was so scared, but so excited to travel there. Not sure what to expect, terrified of the unknown, but so looking forward to the adventure. I look back on the trip and know that I grew so much as a person and am incredibly grateful I was blessed with that opportunity. Honestly, I don’t know if I would have taken the same steps of growth that I have been, if I didn’t take a chance.

Because I keep proving to myself that I can do anything and that fear doesn’t own me. That if something scares me, maybe I should do it. That if I can travel alone to India, I can probably talk to people on dating apps. I can take chances on career paths. I can push myself to do things that scare me, maybe even terrify me, because if the past year has taught me anything it’s that the things that push me outside my comfort zone are what make me feel most alive, most myself, and have allowed me to grow more into the woman I’m meant to be.

This past year I’ve had a lot of moments when I learned that by putting my faith in God, He will help me through. God’s plan isn’t always what I think it’s going to be, and that’s frustrating and uncertain at times, but I do know that at the end of the day His plan is better than mine, and while I can’t always see it, I’m going to be okay.

This year has been horrible to the world and I don’t want to undermine that. I do believe the world is going to be okay. Because God is with us. It doesn’t mean life will be perfect. Actually life could be very very difficult. But there’s a peace in knowing God is on our side and having faith that He won’t give us more than we can handle, and He does have a plan.

I think it’s about taking those steps of faith every day. Even when it isn’t easy. Especially when it isn’t easy. Because what is prayer without action? How can I ask God to help me get somewhere in life if I’m not willing to move?

So that’s why I move now. Even if it’s just a tiny step of faith. I move. Because steps of faith shows that I really believe in God’s miracles. That I really believe He is real.

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