Is It too Early to Watch Christmas Movies?

It’s holiday season! Which means, of course, it is also now officially the season of Hallmark. These are the days of holiday movies galore, dreaming of a white Christmas, and the cliche holiday romance trope. Because, I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of a “Hallmark man,” right?

I already know how each movie will end…but you bet I’m going to watch anyway.

Is it too early to start celebrating the season of Hallmark? I don’t usually start watching holiday movies this early, but it hasn’t been a normal year to say the least, and I think we all could use a little escape into the world of Hallmark holidays!

That being said, I haven’t actually watched any Hallmark movies this season quite yet, but I recently watched Netflix’s new movie, Holidate. The movie encompasses the themes of all the holidays into one, as the main characters make a pact to be each others date, or “holidate” for every holiday. If you’re looking for a funny and cute holiday film with “Hallmark” vibes, I highly recommend!

So tis the season because it’s here!

I say, if you’re ready to start watching those beloved holiday films, go for it! Who says holiday movies are only for the holidays, anyway đŸ™‚


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