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Hi! My name is Rachel. I love to write. Write about life, love, and reflect on how the past builds the future. Mostly, I love to tell stories because I believe there is something about stories that brings the world closer together. You can check out some of my writing reflections here at Rachel Writes.

Prayer Without Action

What is prayer without action? Just prayer. Don’t we need to take action to get where God wants us to be? It’s not like he can magically lift us up and move us from POINT A to POINT B. He can show us where POINT B is, but don’t we have to step out in…

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Life is Like a Roller Coaster

Life is like a roller coaster. There are ups and downs, twists and turns, and sometimes it’s really scary as you fly through the air hands raised screaming at the top of your lungs. When you get off the ride, you’ll have one of two thoughts: Never again Let’s go again! I think maybe a…

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What is the Perfect Age?

How many times have you heard someone talk about how they wish they were, or could still be “insert age here?” The problem with this mindset is it’s about looking back or looking forward, but never living in the present. People say things like: “If only I were still in High School. Then I’d really…

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Is Happiness a Choice?

*Disclaimer: I recognize there are people who struggle with happiness through no fault of their own. When I talk about happiness being a choice, I am not referring to people struggling with diagnosed mental health issues. I think happiness, at its core, is a choice. We can’t choose our circumstances, but we can choose how…

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