Embracing Change

There are seasons in life. With the changing seasons comes life changes. It’s all about perspective. Change is inevitable. It’s how we handle change that matters.  I’m a bit of a type A personality, and I like my life to be organized and I like to have a plan. The problem is, life doesn’t always…

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Choose Kindness

I think sometimes it’s easy to forget we’re all just people. We’re all just trying to live our best lives. It’s easy to forget that the person on the other side of the counter is a real human being with thoughts and emotions, too. That strangers have stories. That we all share this world. We…

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Instead of focusing on all that went wrong, I should have been focusing on all that went right and what I had to be thankful for.

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Media Reflections on Body Image

            I am five foot one. My weight is in a healthy range. I’m average. And sometimes I feel like average isn’t enough.             Out of all ten year old girls, approximately eighty percent have gone on a diet. I was one of those statistics and I don’t want those numbers to continue. I want them to…

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Imperfectly Me

Sometimes, it feels like I need to rehearse my life. If I’m not prepared for every moment, every conversation, every possible scenario—then how will I know how to react? Or rather—act? I’m not good at being put on the spot. In fact, more often than not, I absolutely suck at it.  I think back to…

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Faith and Miracles

                                                                                         Every year my church held a camping retreat, which took place over the course of a few days, usually near the middle of summer. As a kid, this was always one of my favorite times of the year. I remember the feeling of freedom I would have when we’d arrive and how it felt…

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