Category: Poetry


We don’t speak as we drive down the road, staring out the window, watching the lightning light up the sky. They say silence speaks louder than words, now I see how it’s true. Our silence is like a clap of thunder followed by a storm. We are now the they, the people that drive the warnings…

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The Day the Stars Sang

That night, all the world looked up in wonder, in awe, in confusion. For one moment, all humanity gazed toward the heavens and listened. Beyond the space, among the stars, there was a soft melody dawning. As quiet as ripples in the ocean but as piercing as a scream. The stars. The stars were singing.…

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The Feeling

So now I'm wondering about this feeling. This feeling I get when I think. Not about everything, but some things. One thing in particular has been on my mind these days.

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