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Driving Backroads

Does anyone else like driving backroads? I don’t know why I love driving backroads so much. Maybe it’s the idea behind. The idea that backroads are like an escape. I can just keep driving and driving until I run out of road. Maybe it’s my way of leaving without actually going anywhere. It doesn’t matter…

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The Irony of Beauty

How do we define beauty? By what standard do we measure it? By numbers? By pictures? By words? What does beauty mean? Is beauty tied to the clothes we wear? Is beauty the difference between whether we look like we’re trying, but not quite “put-together” and what even is put together? Does anyone know? Is…

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The Moment

He was always the boy in the background, mysteriously silent, yet alluring and I think that’s what made me like him so much. Because I could make him into anything I wanted. Even if he wasn’t real.

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The “Perfect” Body

The media constantly advertises the idea of the “perfect” body. Whether it’s an ad for a weight loss program, models in a commercial, or celebrities posing on the cover of magazines surrounded by “diet driven” headlines; the media tells people how they should look, and why they should look it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting…

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