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The Thing About Life

The thing about life is that it’s not perfect. Life is not always easy. At times, it feels like a whole lot of hours, maybe even years, spent doing a whole lot of nothing and calling it purpose. I’m sorry that’s negative. I guess this isn’t going to be one of my positivity rants. What…

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The Climb

“If you don’t climb the mountain, you can’t see the view.” Who hasn’t heard that saying before? It’s supposed to be a quote of hope. A reminder that the higher you climb, the harder you work…the more worth it in the end. It’s worth it because at the end of the climb, you finally see…

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Trusting God with the Future

Life is funny sometimes. Sometimes you think you know where you’re headed, but it turns out, you’re not headed that way at all. Life can bring major plot twists leaving you feeling disoriented and confused. But that’s life. It can be crazy, unexpected, confusing, but so totally worth living. This last year has been crazy.…

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Living Life to the Fullest

What does it mean to live life to the fullest? Our time on this Earth is fleeting, how do we make the most of it? I think the answer to this question means something different for everyone. What is something that makes you feel fulfilled? What are the things you value most in life? What…

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Midnight Thoughts

The urge to Google everything is not uncommon. Late night scrolling through social media, googling random questions before bed, questioning the meaning of life as if the internet is like a god.

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