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When I Pray

When I pray, I don’t always know exactly what it is I’m praying for. Sometimes, I’m praying for a feeling. For hope in the midst of chaos. For peace. I close my eyes and hope for some reminder that I have a future. That God has a plan. Sometimes my prayers are like cries for…

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I’m a chronic over-thinker. It’s like I have a constant stream of thoughts running through my mind at a million miles an hour. This is a strength when it comes to my writing process. In day to day life it just makes…well, life a little bit harder. I’m a little bit crazy; a fact about…

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Fear, Joy and Adventure

If I’m being completely and brutally honest, sometimes just leaving my house to go to Target scares me so needless to say getting on a plane to India was way out of my comfort zone. Which is exactly why I wanted to go. Because I knew that I couldn’t keep living my life in fear.…

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What Does it Mean to Be Beautiful?

While I don’t plaster on a large amount of foundation and eyeliner every morning, I usually put on a little makeup because it makes me feel pretty. But why does it make me feel pretty? It doesn't change who I am. It doesn't define me. All it does is add a layer of liquid and powder to my skin and an extra bill on my bank statement.

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The Moment

He was always the boy in the background, mysteriously silent, yet alluring and I think that’s what made me like him so much. Because I could make him into anything I wanted. Even if he wasn’t real.

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“Great Idea”

Have you ever had a great idea, set out to make the great idea a reality, then realize this “great idea” isn’t actually that great? I’ve had plenty of those moments. Like when I ate an entire box of cookies while watching one episode, yes just one, of Pretty Little Liars. No problem. But maybe…

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