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What Does it Mean to Be Beautiful?

While I don’t plaster on a large amount of foundation and eyeliner every morning, I usually put on a little makeup because it makes me feel pretty. But why does it make me feel pretty? It doesn't change who I am. It doesn't define me. All it does is add a layer of liquid and powder to my skin and an extra bill on my bank statement.

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The “Perfect” Body

The media constantly advertises the idea of the “perfect” body. Whether it’s an ad for a weight loss program, models in a commercial, or celebrities posing on the cover of magazines surrounded by “diet driven” headlines; the media tells people how they should look, and why they should look it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting…

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Media Reflections on Body Image

            I am five foot one. My weight is in a healthy range. I’m average. And sometimes I feel like average isn’t enough.             Out of all ten year old girls, approximately eighty percent have gone on a diet. I was one of those statistics and I don’t want those numbers to continue. I want them to…

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