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Living in the Moment

It’s a scene of profound beauty. Mountains in the distance. Glowing fields of streaming color. Silence all around. The world feels strangely empty yet familiar. As if this is the place life is found. “Want a photo?” My friend asks. I’ve taken a couple photos of the scenery. I want to remember. I want to…

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The Busy Life

You’re always going to be busy. There will always be something to do. Always something “more important” that takes up your time. Sometimes you think you thrive off this busyness. That a busy schedule is the equivalent to a full life. Sometimes this is true. Other times you keep yourself busy for the wrong reasons.…

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The Trail

The other day I was hiking God’s Thumb, a trail located near Lincoln City, Oregon. The view at the end is absolutely breathtaking and well worth the journey to get there. As I ventured into the forest, a feeling of peace flooded through my veins as my ears drowned out the sound of the outside…

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