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Prayer Without Action

What is prayer without action? Just prayer. Don’t we need to take action to get where God wants us to be? It’s not like he can magically lift us up and move us from POINT A to POINT B. He can show us where POINT B is, but don’t we have to step out in…

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The Power of Prayer

It’s cliche, but true. There is power in prayer. When I pray it’s like putting my faith into action. I don’t know that God can hear me. But I have faith that He’s real. That He’s listening and cares. Praying gives me peace. Gives me hope. Makes me feel like no matter what, somehow, everything…

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When I Pray

When I pray, I don’t always know exactly what it is I’m praying for. Sometimes, I’m praying for a feeling. For hope in the midst of chaos. For peace. I close my eyes and hope for some reminder that I have a future. That God has a plan. Sometimes my prayers are like cries for…

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