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Living in the Moment

It’s a scene of profound beauty. Mountains in the distance. Glowing fields of streaming color. Silence all around. The world feels strangely empty yet familiar. As if this is the place life is found. “Want a photo?” My friend asks. I’ve taken a couple photos of the scenery. I want to remember. I want to…

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Make a Plan

I’m not perfect. I find myself struggling to stay organized and on top of my to-do list, just like anyone else. But when I make a commitment, whether it’s to complete my list or meet with friends, etc; I’m going to do everything I can to follow that plan. Sure, life happens. Sometimes plans don’t…

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The Feeling

So now I'm wondering about this feeling. This feeling I get when I think. Not about everything, but some things. One thing in particular has been on my mind these days.

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